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We are currently working on creating programs, developing relationships in the community , raising funds, and reviewing potiental property for a facility. 

What To Do When Diagnosed

We want to help you identify the important first steps. First is educating yourself about the diagnosis, adjusting the child's home environment to best meet their needs, and seeking professional therapeutic services.

Therapy Services

Help families indentify the best practice support and services beginning with early intervention through adulthood such as speech-language therapy and occupational therapy.

Insurance & Medical

Educate families of their options with regional and state programs that work in addiitonal to your insurance. 

Adult Services

Providing life span service programs to help adults successfully transition to all aspects of life including employment, independent living and recreation.  

Recreation Services

Partner with organizations to delivering and disseminating fitness and therapeutic arts programs developed for people with ASD.  


With a progressive approach, we plan on being a strong steady voice in our community about inclusion, diversity, and opportunity for those with ASD.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to motivate acceptance and inclusion of neurodiversity in our schools, communities, and workplaces.

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our partners in the community

We have big and small partners everywhere to bring resources and facilitate programs that are leading examples of what can be available to people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  

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Do you have any questions?

Where does the proceeds or donations go?
Directly to Autism Rocks, a State of California approved non-profit. 
What is Autism Rocks doing with the funds?
Autism Rocks is in the process putting together a business plan for a Center of Excellence. A facility that will have resources for both parents and individuals that are neurodiverse. 
Are there opportunities to volunteer?  
Volunteers are an essential and invaluable resource to the Foundation. Our volunteers share a common desire to make a difference by committing time and their expertise to positively impact the lives of individuals and families affected by ASD. There are numerous volunteer opportunities.  
Who do I contact regarding fundraising activities and events?  
For questions contact: Doug Brown 
Email: info@autismrocksfoundation.org
What is the shipping time on the products?
We utilize Printful, they tend to ship between 6-10 business days. You will recieve email confirmations on fulfillment.